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The Anointed One and His Anointing

The Armor of God

The Mind of Christ

The Authority of Believers

The Last Days

Prayer & Praise

Short Stories


Forgive That One? You're Joking!
Have you ever been angry at someone that you had a hard time being able to forgive? Or perhaps there is someone that you still have not yet been able to forgive for something? Well, Part of knowing God and having Jesus as lord of your life means following His lead in the way that we treat others, and this especially includes the idea of forgiveness.

Who Is This Guy?

My Testimony, Who am I and why do I preach this Gospel?

Humble Pie
Humility is probably one of the most misunderstood and misused words and concepts in the Bible. To be humble does not mean self degradation, speaking of yourself like you were some kind of worm not worthy of being stepped on.

Choose Your Destination: Cool and Comfy or Hot and Humid.
'Lord, I know I'm unworthy, but . . . ' How many prayers have you heard or said that included those words or words to that effect? The idea is that we are supposed to be humble before God and remember that we are 'just an old sinner saved by grace.' Well, if you are saved by grace, then you are NOT an old sinner! You are an EX-sinner!

Who's yer daddy?
Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT all God's children! Being a child of God is a choice, NOT an automatic fact or accident of our existence. We must act on the right that we have been given to choose to become a child of God.

The Highest Gift
The greatest gift of all

STOP being AFRAID of God!
'Fear Not' -God

Why snakes don't have legs.
Whats this whole sin thing all about anyway?

What part of 'Thou shalt not' don't you understand?
When God says not to do something, He has good reason.

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The Anointed One and His Anointing:

Jesus' last name is NOT 'Christ'!
Have you ever thought of why Jesus is called 'Christ'? Here's the answer!

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The Armor of God:

This means war!
A declaration of war.

Salvation . . . Get your Helmet!
Preparation for war

Faith . . . Put your Shield up!
Don't leave home without it!

Righteousness . . . The Righteous Plate
Spiritual Shielding

Truth . . . Wrapped up in The Truth
The Only way to Live!

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               The Word of God:

               Surgery 101
              A surgeon that never makes mistakes

               Sword of Power
              Ready for battle!

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The Mind of Christ:

Renovation Time
Simply put, we can, and in fact should BE a "know it all"! How do we accomplish this feat of transformation? By ourselves and our own efforts, we cannot, but we can with God's help. And He has given us nothing less than His own Spirit to help us.

Have you LOST your MIND?
A popular preacher once said that in order to become a Christian, you have to lose your mind, and while you don't have to lose it in the sense of going insane, you do have to change it.

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The Authority of The Believer:

The Power in a Name.
Who said you could do that?

God isn't GOING to heal anybody!
He already did! Why you DON'T have to live with sickness and disease.

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Prayer & Praise:

Talk to God? HOW?!
You Don't need a script!

Hey God! My knees hurt!
Well, brother, you know you've got to 'pray through'.

Praise? What's that?
Pew potato or Enthusiastic, Which are you?

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Short Stories

Joseph, The Untold story
The marriage was arranged. That was the custom in those days. The parents of the prospective couple would talk and negotiate things, and the decision was made that the two people were to be married. There would be a formal betrothal, complete with ceremony and celebration.

Just another day...Or is it?

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Last Days:

Virgin Test
What kind of virgin are you?

The Great Escape
don't worry, we wont be here for the REALLY bad stuff....or will we?

Jesus and the end of the world.
What does Jesus have to say about it?

I WON'T change and you CAN'T make me
Life as usual, thank you very much!

When will the living be judged?
can satan force God to let him back into heaven?

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Commentary, The Bible in The Modern World and the Last Days:

What is Mr. Arafat really trying to become?

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Growing up Spiritually

Christian Living

Psalm 23

Psalm 91

Last Days



Short Stories


Growing up Spiritually

Growing Up Spirtually, The Beginning
The attitude in the body of Christ today is that we are to get people saved as fast as possible. While this is a great thing, what do we do next?

There Is A New Creature In Town
It was a glorious and wonderful day when you walked forward to proclaim that you, too, are a believer in the Lord Jesus. Perhaps you did not feel any different that day but later you noticed that there were some things that you no longer wanted to do, have or see. New desires began to well up inside you, things you never would have thought to do a few weeks before. One day, it suddenly occurred to you that the Lord was changing things about you. What happened?

It's All About Love
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. From that moment until this, He has poured out His love for you in each thing He does. Before time began, He knew you and planned for you.

Back To The Basics
Remember the basics!

Traditions! Traditions!
Are you sure about that?

You Must Pay The Price
All through your life you pay a price for things. Much of the time you don't even notice. You just do it. Why is that?

Feed My Children
If you are a parent, the last thing on earth that you want is for your child to go hungry. You do everything it takes to make sure that the children have something to eat, even if you are not able to eat something yourself.

But Dad, It's Just Out Of Focus!
All you have to do is twist this little knob.

Stoke the Fire!
When the embers are getting cold.
I will warn you that you might not want to read this!

Will My Dream EVER Come True?
Success Is On Your Doorstep! Take hold!

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Christian Living

The Forgotten Seeds
If you don't plant them, they will never grow.

Attitude Check
Damage control, do we need it?

Lose Weight? Why Didn't I Think of That?
Is it really a weight problem or maybe it's something else?

The Day I Saw The Cross, Reality Hit.
Standing at the foot of the cross.

Whazzat? A Potato In My Seat?
Veggies I have known.

Handy Dandy Little Screwdriver
A modern parable

Calling Out to God to......What?
What prayer can do for you.

"Wanderer, Come Home", He said.
All of my life, even as a child, there was something that told me I did not belong. There was something missing. It was an ever present thing in my existence. It was as if I was an alien, walking a path not meant for me.

The Long Road Home
Where am I going and how do I get there?

Seeking to walk in Jesus' steps.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Love
What do you see?

Just Another Potato Morning. Say WHAT?
one potato, two potato.

What About Guilt?
What happens when you are drowning in a sea of guilt? Where do you turn?

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Psalm 23

Valley of the Shadow of Death..intro
Introduction to the study of Psalm 23.

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.1
Who is YOUR Shepherd?

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.2
Quiet peaceful river.

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.3
How about restoration? I'm ready for that.

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.4
Are you gripped with fear? Now there is hope.

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.5
Rest, relaxation, and a good meal. What more can you want?

Valley of the Shadow of Death...v.6
Summary: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

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Psalm 91

Dwelling In The Secret Place...V.1
Are you looking for a Safe Place?

Dwelling In The Secret Place...V.2
A Safe Haven

Dwelling In The Secret Place...V.3
Out of bondage

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Last Days

Arise Sleeper! Take Notice!
'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.' Do these words sound familiar? Daily in the news, there are stories about murders, rage, horrors that we might not have imagined some years ago although we should have known.

Arise Sleeper! Take Notice! There's Something Better Ahead!
Today God IS pouring out His Spirit. The rate of those asking Jesus into their hearts in a single meeting is staggering. Prophecy is being fulfilled in front of your eyes.

Jerusalem: On The Edge?
Today's headlines are old news.

To Trib Or Not To Trib? That Is The Question
Going through the nasty stuff or not?

Harvest Time
The crop is ready

The Frog in the Pot
Commentary on the last days.

The Comfort Zone
Are you 'In the Zone' today?

Warning: Things Changing! Be Prepared!
Are you Informed?

Ever Wonder?
What would happen if you weren't ready?

World Ending? Who Said?
Answer to a skeptic.

World Ending? Who Said? Continuing Saga
More answers to a skeptic.

The Wedding Is Tomorrow, By Invitation Only
By invitation. Still got yours? Hey, its controversial!

Letter to My Friends, Family, and You
Even those of you I havent met yet.

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A poem

Dream Light
Dream Light

From A Silent Moment
Wrapped in His Arms

Weep For The Children
Weep for the children

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My Pet Rock! It Left Me!
What will I do now?

What Was THAT???
Some mornings, it just doesn't pay to get up!

Tail of The Flying Fur (Yep, it's a pet tail)
It's a fur piece.

Aliens In My House?
Are your machines rebelling against you?

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Short Stories

When The Books Were Opened
The Accounting

Just Plain Bessie
She was a classic little Chevy.

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My Outrage is Showing!!!
My turn on the soapbox. Is partial-birth abortion the right thing to do?

Here Come The Distractions. Count Them One By One!
What did you say? I was thinking of something else. A writer's plague.

Dear Jesus
Just a note to tell You thank You.

If It Were Not For You......
A personal letter

Come Dream With Me
How often do you lose yourself in a daydream? Come dream with me where ALL wonderful dreams come true.

The River
There it was sitting in front of me. The river.

Points Of Light
During the Christmas season, one of the things I love to see are the wonderful displays of Christmas lights

The Gift That Keeps Giving
Gifts that matter.

A gift.

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