Welcome to Living Waters Ministries!
Dedicated to the Spreading of the Gospel (Good News)
of Jesus the Christ (the Anointed one and His Anointing)

Ever had one of "those" days? You know the kind, where everything seems to go wrong? Jesus had THE worst day of His life when they nailed Him to the cross. His enemies thought they had won. He seemingly wasnt able to save Himself. Then He died. So, what does this have to do with you, you ask? Jesus died for YOU. And then comes the victory party because after He died, He rose again. Now He sits on the right hand of God, our Father. His job is to be there when you have a prayer. He speaks to the Father for you. So, you have some pretty big things that you did wrong in your life, huh? It doesnt matter to Him. Just ask and He will wash them all away.

Oh yeah, you've had one of those days, right? Well, Jesus has been Anointed for the purpose of relieving these and other burdens. He has the Anointing on him, and that Anointing is the Holy Spirit of God. that Spirit is available to ALL who accept Jesus, FREE for the asking!

What are you waiting for? ASK!!!

Do you want to go to the Lord now? Alright. Pray with me out loud:

Father, I need You in my life. Please forgive my sins and wash them all away. Guide me in my life, Lord, and show me the path to take. Jesus, please come into my heart and be my master and Lord. Holy Spirit, I ask that You fill me to overflowing. Teach and guide me in all things. Thank You Lord for saving me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Now just say this out loud: I am saved. I am free!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God, I am free!!!

When you have done this, please email or and let us know.