A Vision of Reality
by Lura Langenback

One day I was praying in the spirit and the Lord showed me this. I had been struggling with the fact that although I was saved and had pledged my life and service to Him, I was having trouble with the REALITY of Jesus and the cross. You CAN be saved and have this problem. I didnt doubt for a minute that the Lord Jesus went to the cross, died for me, rose again and now sits on the right Hand of the Father. But there was a part of me that couldnt grasp the complete reality of it all. In other words, I hadnt FELT like He was holding me in His Arms. It hadnt FELT like He was touching me "in my flesh". Oh the need for a FEELING. (Of course, NOW I realize that you cant go by your feelings which are so fickle but I didnt know that then) So I was praying for the Father to give me the REALITY of it. I guess I just wanted to touch something. Have you ever been there? This is the vision He gave me.

I was walking up a green, grassy hill. At the top were people looking at something. I HAD to get there to see what was going on. On the hill were 3 crosses with men hanging on them. I went to the middle one. It was important for me to reach out and touch the cross so I did that. As I stood there, blood ran down onto my hand. I could feel the splinters in the cross, the hardness of the wood, and the wetness of the blood on my hand. It bothered me to see the blood on my hand. Then I heard a Man say "It is finished". The ground began to shake like I had never felt before. The sky got dark like the worst tornado weather or hurricane weather I have ever seen. Then I was going downward along with Jesus into hell. I KNEW I was with Jesus. When we got there, He went up to the devil and took some keys from him. I could HEAR the crying and the painful wailing of the lost. It went deep into my spirit and I was shivering from it. It was bone chilling cold there but not from any physical feeling. It was in my spirit that I felt this. Suddenly, I heard a powerful Voice say "LOOSE HIM AND LET HIM GO!" Then we were traveling upwards FAST. I was back on green grass again. And Jesus was standing there with His arms open wide, wanting me to come to His Arms. He said to me "Come to Me, child!" and I did!!!! I could FEEL His Arms around me. It felt safe, warm, peaceful and wonderful all at once. I felt such Love as I had never felt before.

What a blessing this vision was to me. I have never had the need to question the REALITY again. You know, sometimes we feel that we need to actually touch something to know that its real. That isnt true. We can take the Lords Word for it, cant we? But I thank God for that experience. And it had one other effect on me. Every time I hear the cries of those who were lost, my blood runs cold. There are people who are lost everyday. What can I do to help change that? What can you do?

Are you one of those lost people? Do you know Who Jesus is? Is He a part of your life? If not, then its time to meet Him before its too late. Its so easy. Just pray this simple prayer to the Lord:

Father, I dont know if You or Jesus really do exist but if You do, then please forgive me of my sins and come into my life, Jesus. Change me into what You want me to be. I dont want to live like this anymore. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

If you have prayed that prayer, please email us and let us know.

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